Vacuum-forming packages are widely used around the globe. In light of the world's waste management problem, the development of this packaging industry raises some questions. Can the function of a package be expanded?

Can a package evolve into product?


These possibilities are examined through a collection of suggested applications:
Zero Thick Sabbath Candles - A two-candle package which also serves as the candlesticks themselves;
Zero Thick Sharpener - The blade is attached to the lower part of the package. Shavings are collected in the upper chamber;
Zero Thick Flashlight - The components of a flashlight are packaged so as to close an electric circuit. A battery package becomes an outer shell of a flashlight.

Collaboration with Yuval Tal.

Zero Thickness won first prize in "Product Design for the Home and for the Office" competition, within the framework of "Plasto-Ispack 2003".