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Selected design-related media mentions, 2003-2013


07/2009 -

A six-month visiting scholarship in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

The Bernese Foundation for Applied Arts and Design.

06/2008 -

The President's Scholarship for research into inclusive design.

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

12/2005 -

"Industrial design prize competition 2005", Furniture and Lighting category, Ministry of Industry Trade & Labor – Second prize.

10/2004 -

Design competition on the theme of 'Childhood', Contemporary Design Pavilion, "RIHUTIM 2005" – Honorable Mention.

11/2004 -

"TIMEX 2154 the Future of Time" competition – Honorable Mention.

04/2004 -

"BECK'S Prize: design a key and what it opens" – Honorable Mention.

08/2003 -

"Product Design for the Home and for the Office" competition, within the framework of "Plasto-Ispack 2003" – First Prize.

07/2001 -

"Design in Polypropylene" competition, held by "Mapal Plastic Products" – Second Prize.


01/2010 -

"ME'UZAV KAHALAHA", The Havah Gallery, Holon. Curator: Ifat Zvirin.

11/2009 -

"KNOW HOW Tallinn 2009", the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn. Curator: Kärt Maran.

09/2007 -

Designboom "Handled with Care" exhibition, Designersblock, London. Curated by Designboom.

05/2005 -

"Designboom ICFF Mart 2005", New York.

04/2005 -

"Promisedesign – new design from Israel", Milan (travelled to Berlin and to Copenhagen). Curators: Vanni Pasca and Ely Rozenberg.

10/2004 -

Contemporary Design Pavilion, "RIHUTIM 2005", Tel Aviv. Curator: Galit Gaon.

04/2004 -

"Design Matters", Felissimo Design House, New York (Travelled to Buenos Aires).

04/2004 -

"BECK'S Prize: design a key and what it opens", Milan.

03/2004 -

"Life Symphony part III", Felissimo Design House, New York.

11/2003 -

Satellite exhibition, "ITZUVIM 2004", Tel Aviv. Curator: Ezri Tarazi.

12/2002 -

"ITZUVIM 2003" (design schools' pavilion), Tel Aviv.

10/2000 -

"Contemporary Design" (students' pavilion), Tel Aviv.

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