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I am a scholar with a diverse background. I hold a PhD from Wageningen University (2023). My dissertation aims to enhance responsible research and innovation through the study of contested technology images circulating on the Internet and social media.

I hold a Master’s degree in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) (2015). My Master’s thesis studies crowd participation in product design processes.

I hold a Master's degree also in Design Management (2008) and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (2002).

For about a decade, while my focus was not directed to academia, I was providing design services for companies and individuals, initiating design projects, exhibiting my designs worldwide, teaching design, and managing design processes.

Throughout my career and personal life, I have encountered fragmentation both within academia and across professions. I perceive this fragmentation as artificial and believe that truly benefiting society requires embracing a holistic approach that captures the multifaceted nature of our world. I am enthusiastic about doing so through applying transdisciplinary approaches and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking.

Next to my academic and professional pursuits, I engage in physical and mental practices such as Partner Acrobatics, Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation. Occasionally, I can be spotted hiking or exploring a new or already-known city.

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